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19. April 2017 Chennai

Chennai – Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) - the wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG - today celebrated the premiere of its all-new BharatBenz range of heavy-duty trucks. The new models are equipped with proven technology to meet the new BS-IV emission standards, and deliver significantly better fuel economy as well as lower maintenance costs. Thanks to a host of further innovative features, the all-new range takes productivity, efficiency and safety to the next level. It includes the three product families of haulage trucks, construction trucks, and tractors.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Erich Nesselhauf, Managing Director and CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles said: “Under the tagline of ‘Profit Technology’, we are introducing our all-new BharatBenz heavy-duty trucks - designed to deliver the best-in-class package of productivity, efficiency and safety. We are convinced that BharatBenz trucks are the best fit for customers to drive their business.”

Referring to the nationwide transition to the new BS-IV emissions standard, he added: “And maybe the best news for our customers: our entire product portfolio of BharatBenz BS-IV trucks comes at the price level of our BS-III trucks. Best-in-class trucks have never been more affordable.”

BS-IV technology: proven solution for customers with SCR

The BharatBenz product range of trucks above 9 to 49 tonnes has been available as BS-IV variants since August 2015. By the end of March 2017, more than 1,000 BharatBenz BS-IV trucks had been delivered to customers and clocked up more than 42,00,000 kilometres. Feedback collected from these early customers has been very positive: besides the further improved fuel economy and lower maintenance costs, customers appreciate the fact that BharatBenz BS-IV vehicles also work with BS-III fuel, if required.

BharatBenz BS-IV vehicles meet the upgraded norms using a system based on SCR technology proven in hundreds of thousands of Daimler commercial vehicles in many markets for over a decade. DICV had tested this technology in Indian operating conditions for over a million kilometres before starting to roll it out to customers in 2015.

The SCR technology uses an aqueous urea-based fluid called AdBlue, which is sprayed into the exhaust stream to break down dangerous nitrogen oxides emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. AdBlue consumption is only a fraction of fuel consumption, so refill intervals are fewer. Adblue is available nationwide at all BharatBenz dealerships and other outlets.

Productivity and efficiency: focus on customers profits

As reflected by the all-new range’s launch tagline ‘Profit Technology’, the focus has been on further boosting customer value in order to help them drive their profits rather than worry about costs.

Fuel efficiency improvements in the double-digit percentage are achieved with the following:

Lower maintenance costs which translate into a significant benefit over the lifecycle are realized with the following features:

In addition, significant vehicle weight reductions have been achieved which generate corresponding payload improvements of up to 400kg.

Safety: holistic approach from vehicle to driver

Safety has been one of the hallmark features of BharatBenz ever since the brand’s market launch in 2012. Continuing to build on this strength, the all-new heavy-duty trucks introduce even more safety features:

Other key safety features like crash-tested steel cabins and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) have been standard on BharatBenz trucks since the brand’s market launch in 2012 already.

Design: bolder and more refined at the same time

The most distinguishing exterior feature of the all-new BharatBenz heavy-duty trucks is their bold new front face. A larger version of the brand’s hallmark grille, the new LED day running lights and, for the premium variants, a body-coloured bumper underline the family ties to the all-new range, while ensuring they are easily recognized as BharatBenz trucks.

The interior was revamped with a new, washable seat fabric that provides even more seating comfort and allows easy maintenance. The premium variant comes with features like all-black interiors and a dashboard with a wooden look that elevates the ambience of the driver’s workplace to a luxury-like look&feel.


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