E-Motion without Emission

FUSO’s Canter E-CELL


Green technology, CO2 emissions reduction, green procurement, and recycling technologies are expanding globally today, at great speed. And that is why we are committed to building a society where environmental preservation and economic development go hand in hand.

MFTBC is the center of competence for hybrid technology within Daimler Trucks Asia, and with this experience is also responsible for developing fully-electric vehicles.

‘Canter E-CELL’, a light-duty electric truck, developed based on Daimler’s philosophy of ‘Shaping Future Transportation’, is an eco-friendly EV (electric vehicle) achieving zero emission mobility. Featured by a 70 kW electric motor with a maximum torque of 300 N•m, powered by a 40 kWh Li-ion battery pack, this concept model can travel about 120 km with a 10-hour charge (200V).

The Canter E-CELL underwent its first verification testing by Central Nippon Expressway Company ltd., in Japan, proving its fast charging and wireless magnetic resonance supply systems. In the course of a series of initial fleet tests in Portugal, it once again proved its merits in short-range delivery operations and urban transport, by saving 1,000 euros per 10,000 kilometres and reducing operating costs by up to 64 percent in comparison to a conventional diesel truck. The Canter E-CELL is currently undergoing further fleet tests in the tough conditions of Stuttgart, Germany.

In the meantime, our engineers at Kawasaki, Japan, are already working on the next generation of the Canter E-Cell – with the firm goal of making it more economical and more suitable for everyday use.