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BharatBenz cracks down on unauthorised use of its brand name and spare parts

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – BharatBenz, a fast-growing commercial vehicle brand from the global Daimler group, has taken stern action against the infringement of its name . As the owner of the BharatBenz brand, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles prosecuted Pyken Industries for manufacturing and selling spare parts bearing the mark BHARATBENZ and operating an unauthorized domain under the BharatBenz brand name, thereby damaging the brand’s reputation.

The honourable Delhi High court passed an ex parte interim order against Pyken Industries, allowing a raid to be conducted by the court appointed commissioner at two locations, namely – 1) Pyken Industries Pvt Ltd Ghaziabad 2) BSI Sales India, Delhi. Several products were seized including Torque rod bushes, V rod bushes, King Pin bearings, Oil Seals etc to name a few.

Speaking on brand protection , Mr. Satyakam Arya, Managing Director and CEO, DICV, said, “It is not just about monetary damages, which may be negligible or substantial. It is about fighting back for the customer. It is about creating awareness and ensuring safety. We take brand protection seriously and this legal action shows how vigorously we will always work to protect our customers and our brand reputation.”

BharatBenz, an aspirational brand that focuses on safety and reliability, entered the Indian market seven years ago. Since then it has built a reputation for superior safety, customer service and technological leadership. The use of non-genuine parts damages this reputation since it potentially impacts the efficiency of the vehicle and compromises the safety of the driver, goods, passengers and bystanders.

BharatBenz also educates customers on its genuine parts via social media channels, dealerships and the brand website. In June this year, BharatBenz opened its first genuine parts outlet in Coimbatore and has plans to extend this to other parts of the country. Such well-equipped genuine parts outlets will ensure that customers are guaranteed best-in-class services and readily available genuine parts for BharatBenz vehicles.