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Born in 1932, the name FUSO was first used for a bus model ‘B46’, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, in Kobe, Japan. More than 80 years later, today, brand FUSO has grown to become the number one volume player of Daimler Trucks, with presence in more than 160 markets worldwide, including growth regions such as Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

To meet the ever-demanding customer needs from around the world, FUSO offers a range of reliable, high quality and modern trucks – from the globally renowned light-duty truck Canter and the medium duty Fighter to the heavy duty Super Great and the all new robust, Indian made, FUSO range .

Within Daimler Trucks, FUSO has been a front-runner in the light-duty truck segment, selling its iconic Canter for the past 50 years. It also serves as the competence center for alternative fuel technologies, developing hybrid and electric vehicles such as the Canter Eco hybrid and Canter E-CELL.

FUSO puts a great deal of importance on customer dedication by offering extremely customer-focused and extensive spare parts and workshop services for its trucks and buses.

FUSO’s trucks are known to build businesses, societies and communities. Therefore, the way we design, develop, validate, and manufacture all our vehicles emphasizes our commitment to our customers, partners, and passengers, and our desire to become their brand of choice. The Fuso brand is based on the core values of trusted quality, economic efficiency, solid and functional design and committed customer services.

  • Light-Duty CANTER

    Light-Duty CANTER

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  • Medium-Duty FIGHTER

    Medium-Duty FIGHTER

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  • Heavy-Duty SUPERGREAT V

    Heavy-Duty SUPERGREAT V

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  • Heavy-Duty FUSO FJ

    Heavy-Duty FUSO FJ

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Launched in 2013, the new FUSO range includes trucks such as FA, FI, FJ, FO and FZ, specially developed and offered for growth markets around the world. Produced in the Oragadam Plant in Chennai, India, these trucks are based on Daimler Trucks’ technology, Japanese engineering quality and creative Indian engineering.

For more information, visit our brand website at www.mitsubishi-fuso.com