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Hybrid Technology

With the focus on achieving efficient and clean mobility in the future, Mitsubishi Fuso as a part of Daimler Trucks Asia is at the forefront of developing hybrid and electric technology in the trucking industry today. Our Fuso brand is one of the leading producers of partial and all-electric light-duty trucks.

The Global Hybrid Center

In 2008, we established the Global Hybrid Center at Mitsubishi Fuso in Kawasaki, Japan, as the worldwide hub of Daimler Trucks’ hybrid commercial vehicle activity. With more than 40 years of experience in the development of alternative drive systems, the primary role of this center is to synchronize Daimler Trucks’ hybrid and electric vehicle technology with the global needs.

With a strong workforce of 43 employees in Japan, the GHC is responsible for complete development and integration of xEV components into vehicles. These include HV-batteries, chargers, motors, inverters, DC/DC converters, power electronics and so on. Besides this, the GHC has dedicated teams responsible for vehicle integration, durability, reliability, calibration, homologation and project management.

An example of the Global Hybrid Center’s innovation is the DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission with hybrid motor. Receiving the historic RJC Car of the Year 2013 Special Award, it was highly praised as the world’s first dual-clutch transmission incorporating a hybrid motor. Its compact, high performance laminated lithium (Li)-ion battery, and its lower fuel consumption and emissions, provide smooth and seamless gear change without shock or torque interruption.

The GHC has played a key role in the development of highly efficient vehicles such as the Atego Eco-Hybrid for Mercedes Benz Trucks, M2 Tractor for Freightliner, and the Super Great Eco-Hybrid, new Canter Eco-hybrid and Canter E-CELL for FUSO.

Leading the field in partially electric light-duty trucks with the CANTER ECO HYBRID

FUSO is one of the leading manufacturers of partially electric light-duty trucks with about 3000 Canter Eco Hybrids currently in service with customers around the world. This light-duty hybrid truck that went through full model change in 2012 is the world’s first to incorporate a dual-clutch transmission in combination with built-in motor. The Canter Eco Hybrid was developed with the concept of ‘Environment’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Safety Plus’ to assure an eco-friendly, society-friendly and driver-friendly vehicle.

Through the current product line and future projects, we at DTA define our commitment to thinking ahead and developing sustainable and reliable transportation solutions to benefit our customers and society.